Nigel Barker

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Nigel Barker

Nigel Barker (born April 27, 1972 in London, England) is a fashion photographer most popular for being on America's Next Top Model since Cycle 2. He is still a judge and the 2nd main judge (only after Tyra Banks). Barker is a married man.

America's Next Top Model[change | change source]

Barker has been a judge on television show America's Next Top Model since Cycle 2, which premiered in 2004. He is a permanent judge. He is memorably known for being offended by several contestants, especially winners.

Cycle 7[change | change source]

Barker was offended by contestant CariDee English when she made a joke that he had stuck a stick inside his anus. English later apologized to Barker during judging, having written a letter that she read out. Barker forgave her but still made her enter the bottom two to teach her a lesson.

Cycle 9[change | change source]

Barker was supportive of Saleisha Stowers, a contestant that eventually became the winner. Stowers dated Barker so that he would put in good words for her in front of Tyra. Sometime another week was shown that Barker blinked at Stowers, which also make Stowers having a seducing action.