Nigerian Navy

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Nigerian Navy
Country Nigeria
RoleNaval warfare
Part ofNigerian Armed Forces
Motto(s)"Onward Together"
Fleet1 landing ship tank
1 frigate
2 offshore patrol vessels
2 minesweepers
9 fast patrol boats
2 patrol cutters
16 inshore patrol crafts
EngagementsNigerian Civil War
First Liberian Civil War
Sierra Leone Civil War
Conflict in the Niger Delta
Boko Haram insurgency
Invasion of the Gambia
Commander-in-ChiefPresident Muhammadu Buhari
Chief of Naval StaffVice Admiral Awwal Zubairu Gambo
Naval ensign
Naval ensign (1960–1998)
Aircraft flown
TrainerAgustaWestland AW109

The Nigerian Navy (NN) is a branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is the largest navies on the African continent, consisting of numerous thousand personnel, including those of the Coast Guard.[1][2]

History[change | change source]

The Nigerian Navy originated from the Nigerian Marine. Southern Nigerian Marine was formed in 1893. A Northern Nigeria Marine was formed in 1900. They merged in 1900.

Structure[change | change source]

The NN currently has 9 Branches at the Naval Headquarters, 5 commands and a number of autonomous units.

The 5 commands are made up of 3 operational commands:

  • Western Naval Command
  • Central Naval Command
  • Eastern Naval Command

There is also Training and Logistics Commands.[3]

The Special Boat Service is a special operations unit of the Nigerian Navy.

Nigerian Navy ships[change | change source]

Nigerian Navy ships has four main departments: operations, marine engineering, weapon engineering, and logistics.[4]

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