Night of the Ghouls

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Night of the Ghouls
Directed by Ed Wood
Produced by Ed Wood
Written by Ed Wood
Starring Kenne Duncan
Duke Moore
Tor Johnson
Cinematography William C. Thompson
Editing by Ed Wood
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Running time 69 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Night of the Ghouls is a 1959 horror movie written, directed, and produced by Ed Wood. It is a sequel of sorts to Wood's 1955 horror movie, Bride of the Monster.

The story is about a crook, Dr. Acula, who pretends to be able to contact the dead. He charges people large amounts of money to speak to their dead relatives. He summons a group of real ghosts who bury him alive.

The movie stars Kenne Duncan as Dr. Karl Acula, Duke Moore as Lt. Dan Bradford, Tor Johnson as Lobo, Valda Hansen as Sheila, Paul Marco as Patrolman Kelton, and Criswell as himself.