Nihon University

Coordinates: 35°41′28″N 139°44′15″E / 35.691°N 139.737608°E / 35.691; 139.737608
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Nihon University
Nihon University Casals Hall[1]
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35°41′28″N 139°44′15″E / 35.691°N 139.737608°E / 35.691; 139.737608
Campus622 acres (252 ha)

Nihon University is one of the oldest private universities in Japan.

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Faculties & Graduate Schools[change | change source]

Nihon University Junior College

Nihon University also has a junior college and many affiliated high schools.[5]

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References and notes[change | change source]

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  5. High schools that can let their students enter Nihon University without standard entrance exams.

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