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Domenica "Nikka" Costa (born 4 June 1972, Tokyo, Japan) is an American singer-songwriter. Her music has elements of pop, soul and blues.[1] She began her singing career as a child singer in the early 1980s.

Costa's career as a recording artist with her own name began in 1981. That year, she recorded the song "Out Here on My Own". Her self-titled album was released outside the United States in 1981. Costa then toured the world.[2] Costa's second album, Fairy Tales, was released in 1983. Her father, Don Costa, died from a heart attack in January that year.

In 1983, Costa sang a cover of The Angels' 1963 song "My Boyfriend's Back".

Costa moved away from childhood pop to mature soul in the 1990s. She signed to the Mushroom record label in Australia. In 1996, she released the studio album Butterfly Rocket in Australia. The album led to Costa being nominated for an ARIA Music Awards Breakthrough Artist in 1996 and the Best Female Artist in 1997.[3]

In 2000, Costa's song "Like a Feather" was shown in a Tommy Hilfiger television advertising campaign. The exposure and the song's music video helped launch her United States music career. In 2001, her album Everybody Got Their Something was released. It hit #120 on the U.S. Billboard 200.

Costa later signed to Stax Records.[4] She released her studio album Pebble to a Pearl on 14 October 2008.

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