Nintendo 64DD

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Nintendo 64DD
A Nintendo 64, with the 64DD installed.
DeveloperNintendo, Alps Electric
ManufacturerAlps Electric
TypeVideo game console peripheral
GenerationFifth generation (32-bit/64-bit era)
Release date
  • JP: December 1, 1999
  • JP: February 28, 2001 (2001-02-28)
Units shipped15,000 (estimated)
MediaMagnetic disk (64 MB)
Storage36 megabit ROM (audio/font)[1]
CameraGame Boy Camera
Connectivity28.8 kbps dialup modem[1]
Online servicesRandnet[2]
Dimensions10.2" x 7.5" x 3.1" (260mm x 190mm x 78.7mm)[1]
Mass3.53 lbs (1.6kg)[1]
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The Nintendo 64DD (DD meaning Disk Drive) was a magnetic disk add-on for the Nintendo 64. It was considered too late in the fifth generation and flopped on its release in Japan in 1999. When it came out, the Dreamcast had already been released and soon for Nintendo fans the GameCube was developed with a built-in CD drive. For these reasons, it was unsuccessful, and only few games were ever released for it. The console was released only in Japan and it was discontinued in February 2001. Games such as Super Mario 64 2 (the sequel to Nintendo 64's 1996 game, Super Mario 64) were planned, but were cancelled. Instead, in 2004, an enhanced Nintendo DS remake called Super Mario 64 DS and was released the same day as the original DS and featured more characters, more stars, and better graphics. Only four Mario games were released on the 64 Disk Drive, all from the Mario Artist series.

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