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Nipin Niravath
TV personality
Years active2003–present

Nipin Niravath is an Indian mentalist and entertainer based in Kerala, India.[1][2][3] Nipin is best known for demonstrations of extrasensory perception and mentalism.[4][5]

Career[change | change source]

In 2003, Nipin joined the USAID's social awareness programme and started his career as a street magician.[6] Nipin appeared on several TV series including Onnum Onnum Moonu, Comedy Supernite, Ugram Ujjwalam, Comedy Stars, which earned him popularity among the Malayali people.[1][7] According to Times of India, Nipin performed in one episode of Comedy Stars, "where he made the entire audience including TV host and singer Rimi Tomy draw fish on the paper they were given, just by projecting his thoughts".[1]

In 2018, it was announced Nipin will appear as a guest speaker for the CADD Arabia talk show Connecting Dots.[8][9]

TV shows[change | change source]

  • Onnum Onnum Moonu[7]
  • Comedy Supernite
  • Ugram Ujjwalam
  • Comedy Stars, (2017)[10]
  • Muscat Show, (2018)
  • Jose Thomas Performing Arts Centre, (2017)[11][12]
  • Vismayam - The mentalist, (2018)[13]

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