Nisha Rao

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Nisha Rao
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EducationLaw, LL.B
Alma materUniversity of Karachi
OccupationLawyer, activist

Nisha Rao is a Pakistani transgender lawyer and activist.[1] In 2020, she became the first transgender law graduate in Pakistan.[2][3]

Career[change | change source]

Rao began her law career by participating in various advocacy events.[4] She later associated herself with various Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as a volunteer and a legal adviser.[5][6] She joined the Gender Interactive Alliance (GIA), which works for the rights of the transgender community.[7][8]

As a lawyer, Nisha has dealt with over 50 cases regarding the transgender community.[9][10]

Future plans[change | change source]

Nisha plans to help the transgender community through her NGO.[11][12] She wants to set up a helpline where transgender people can be guided by other community members. She also has plans to build a transgender old age home in the near future.[13][14]

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