Nizhny Novgorod

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There is also a town Velikiy Novgorod with Novgorod in its name
Kreml of Nizhny Novgorod
coat of arms
Flag of Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod (Russian:Ни́жний Но́вгород, often shortened to Nizhny) is the fourth largest city in Russia. The first three are Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Novosibirsk. Nizhny Novgorod had a population of 1,311,252 in 2002, and one of 1,438,133 in 1989. It is the economic and cultural center of the vast Volga-Vyatka economic region, and also the administrative center of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast and Volga Federal District.

From 1932 to 1990 the city was known as Gorky (Russian: Го́рький) after the writer Maxim Gorky.

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