Nokia 3510

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Nokia 3510
DeveloperNokia Corporation
First releasedSeptember 6, 2002; 18 years ago
DiscontinuedDecember 2002; 18 years ago
Removable storage30GB memory
Made inUnited States

Nokia 3510 is an GSM mobile phone was developed for Nokia Corporation can be released on September 6, 2002, but was discountinued on December 2002, Nokia 3510 is based for Nokia 3310 and Nokia 3210, they succesor for Nokia 6300 and Nokia 6303 has been released for version 217 on January 18, 2003.

Design[change | change source]

Nokia 3510 has design by Chairman Risto Siilasmaa at the Nokia Corporation Center in Hollywood, California, U.S, has been the side face of Nokia 3510, in hand theme use for the startup screen, the mobile games running for Nokia 3510 has available for another games is Snake Xenia from the games, they choice for calling phone in Nokia 3510 from the ringtone mobile look like Nokia 6300, another full call sound in Nokia tune by guitar.

This Nokia 3510 has made for United States, also made in Los Angeles, California has producted from Nokia Corporation in 2002, smillar for Nokia 6300 and Nokia 6303. In 2017, Nokia 3510 has support for producted Nokia Corporation version 217.

History[change | change source]

In January 2001, Chairman Risto Siilasmaa notification Nokia 3510 is the news phone has bee discontinued on December 2002 and released in September 6, 2002.

Hardware[change | change source]

Nokia 3510 from the device is 256MB and 30GB memory storage, from the Nokia 3510 version 217 has introduction iducle from 28GB.

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