Nokia 8800

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Nokia 8800/8801
Nokia 8800.png
Compatible networksEDGE/GPRS/GSM
900/1800/1900 MHz
(8801: 850/1800/1900 MHz)
Availability by region2005
PredecessorNokia 8910i
SuccessorNokia 8600 Luna[1][2][3][4]
RelatedNokia 8 Sirocco
Form factorSlider
Dimensions107 x 45 x 16.5 mm
(4.2 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches)
Mass134 grams (4.8 ounces)
Operating systemNokia Series 40
Memory64 MB internal NAND flash memory
BatteryLi-ion, 600 mAh
DisplayTFT, 208 x 208 px, 262,144 colors
Rear cameraSVGA (800 x 600 px)

The Nokia 8800 is a mobile phone and part of the Nokia Series 40 operating system. It is made by Nokia. It has a stainless steel outside with a scratch-resistant screen and has a weight of 134 grams.[1][2] It's sophisticated slide mechanism uses premium ball bearings made by a high performance part manufacturer.[5]

The Nokia 8800 used 900 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies and was first introduced on 7 April 2005.[6] It was available in the United Kingdom in October 2005 on the O2 mobile phone network. The Nokia 8801 was introduced in North America and it was exactly the same.

Features[change | change source]

  • Scratch-resistant glass
  • SVGA (800×600 pixels) camera, with video (H.263 QCIF format) and streaming[7]
  • 256K color display (208 x 208 pixels) and a 3D image engine
  • Music player/mp3
  • Device-to-device synchronization
  • Sliding keypad and screen
  • Bluetooth
  • FM radio

The 8800 comes with two BL-5X (600 mAh) batteries.

The Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition (8800 redesigned in "gold" and "queen black"), was released in 2006. This version of this phone has a 2-megapixel camera and a slightly updated keypad layout. The phone frame was slightly modified to include an upgraded 700mAH BP-6X battery. It has ringtones created by well-known electronic musician Brian Eno.

In the early 2007, Nokia released the 24-carat gold-plated version of the 8800 Sirocco, which became the most expensive phone (RRP $2,049.00) in Nokia's shop of cell phone models up until the newest generation of mobile phones.[source?]

Nokia 8800 Arte Edition (8800e)[change | change source]

The Nokia 8800 Arte is an updated version of the 8800. It has a 2.0 inch scratch-resistant OLED screen, a 3.15 MP camera with autofocus, and comes in four different models:

Model Body Internal Memory
Original Arte stainless steel and is only available in black 1 GB
Sapphire Arte stainless steel, leather and a sapphire stone replacing the navigation button 1 GB
Carbon Arte stainless steel, carbon fibre and titanium 4 GB
Gold Arte 18K gold-plated body 4 GB

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