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Dragon Lion God[1][2][3]
Member of Umang Lai and Meitei deities
Kangla Sha.JPG
AffiliationSanamahism and Manipuri mythology

Nongshaba (Meitei: ꯅꯣꯡꯁꯥꯕ, romanized: nong-shaa-ba, lit.'Lion God'), also known as Kanglasha (Old Manipuri: ꯀꯪꯂꯥꯁꯥ, romanized: kang-laa-shaa, lit.'Dragon of the Kangla'), is a primordial dragon lion god in Meitei mythology and religion of Ancient Manipur (Antique Kangleipak).[4][5][6] He is a son of Atingkok, the Supreme Creator God, and an old member of the Umang Lais (Sylvan deities) in the religion. A pair of two gigantic figures of the creature, is standing inside the Kangla, the foremost capital city of Ancient Manipur.[7]

History[change | change source]

Destruction of the structures[change | change source]

After the Anglo-Manipuri War, the two structures of the dragons were destroyed by the British Army, when they annexed the Kangla.

The image of the dragons in 1866 AD, long before the Anglo-Manipuri War.

Rebuilding of the structures[change | change source]

Under the supervision of the Government of Manipur, the structures of the dragons were reconstructed in the first decade of the 21st century AD.

In State Emblem[change | change source]

Kanglasha is regarded as a sacred creature. So, he is included in the Emblem of the Government of Manipur.

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