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Nortel is one of the oldest technology companies. The company started making phones in 1895 and the company was called Northern Electric and Manufacturing Company.

The First 100 Years[change | change source]

  • 1895 The company was created
  • 1900 The company started making wind-up phonographs.
  • 1913 Headquarters moved to Montreal
  • 1914 The Company merged with Imperial Cable
  • 1922 The Company started making radios
  • 1928 The company made the first talking movie sound system
  • 1953 The company started making television sets
  • 1958 The world's longest microwave system
  • 1969 Started engineering digital telephone system
  • 1972 Opened a factory in Michigan USA
  • 1975 Shipped first digital phone system
  • 1976 The company changes names to Northern Telecom
  • 1977 The company started selling digital central office telephone systems
  • 1984 The company was the first non-Japanese company to supply equipment to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone
  • 1995 The company starts engineering of a terabit switch