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Principally northern, western and central Europe, the Americas (Anglo-America, Caribbean Netherlands and Suriname), Southern Africa and Oceania
Linguistic classification:Indo-European
  • Germanic
East Germanic (extinct)
ISO 639-2 and 639-5:gem
Germanic languages.svg
World map showing countries where a Germanic language is the primary or official language

     Countries where (a) Germanic language(s) is/are the first language(s) of the majority of the population      Countries or regions where (a) Germanic language(s) is/are (an) official but not primary language(s)

     Countries or regions where (a) Germanic language(s) is/are (an) unofficial but recognised/used in some areas of life/spoken among a local minority

The Germanic languages are a language family in the Indo-European languages. They came from one language, "Proto-Germanic", and were originally spoken in Northern, Western and Central Europe.

The Germanic languages are separated into the East Germanic languages (all extinct), the North Germanic languages and the West Germanic languages.

List of Germanic languages[change | change source]

West Germanic languages[change | change source]

North Germanic languages[change | change source]

East Germanic languages[change | change source]

All of the following are extinct: