North Gyeongsang Province

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Coordinates: 36°34′N 128°43′E / 36.567°N 128.717°E / 36.567; 128.717
North Gyeongsang Province
Country South Korea
Region Yeongnam
Capital Andong
 - elevation 139 m (456 ft)
 - coordinates 36°34′N 128°43′E / 36.567°N 128.717°E / 36.567; 128.717
Area 19,030 km² (7,348 sq mi)
Population 2,700,328 (October 2014)
Density 142 /km² (368 /sq mi)
Subdivisions 10 cities (Si); 13 counties (Gun)
Governor Lee Cheol-woo
ISO 3166-2 KR-46
Location of North Gyeongsang Province
Location of North Gyeongsang Province

North Gyeongsang Province (Korean: 경상북도) is a province in South Korea. Gyeongsang Province divided into North Gyeongsang and South Gyeongsang in 1896.

Daegu was the capital from 1896 to 1981, but Daegu left the province in 1981. The capital changed to Andong in 2016.

North Gyeongsang Province has 19% of South Korea's land.

History[change | change source]

Gyeongsang Province was Jinhan and Byeonhan's territory in ancient times. Later Jinhan became Gaya and Byeonhan became Silla. Since Silla conquered Gaya, all of Gyeongsang Province became Silla's. When Silla collapsed and Goryeo was founded, Dongnambuseosa was established in the Gyeongsang area and it ruled the province. From Goryeo King Hyeonjong's period, the province started to be called Gyeongsang Province. In the Joseon Dynasty, which was founded after Goryeo, Gyeongsang Province was divided into Left Gyeongsang and Right Gyeongsang. In 1895, Gyeongsang Province was replaced by 4 districts. Later, in 1896, the districts were abolished, and today's North Gyeongsang and South Gyeongsang were formed. In 1981 Daegu Metropolitan City separated from the province.

Administrative Districts[change | change source]

Currently, North Gyeongsang has 10 cities (si) and 13 counties (gun).