Northwest Indiana

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Northwest Indiana is a region in the state of Indiana.

Lake County, the most populous county in Northwest Indiana and second most populated county statewide. It makes up a very large portion of the population in Northwest Indiana.

Geography[change | change source]

Northwest Indiana is near Chicago.

Counties In Northwest Indiana[change | change source]

Counties in Northwest Indiana are:

Culture[change | change source]

Northwest Indiana is more heavily influenced by Chicago, Illinois, than the rest of Indiana.

Political culture[change | change source]

Due to its proximity to Chicago, Northwest Indiana is more liberal than the rest of Indiana. One of the state´s two Democratic US Congress delegates was elected from a district in Northwest Indiana. Although only Lake County is really liberal, and the other three counties are either swing or conservative, Lake County does have a higher population than the other three counties in Northwest Indiana combined, so Northwest Indiana is overall liberal-leaning.

Jasper/Newton[change | change source]

At the same time, Jasper and Newton Counties are very conservative.

Porter County[change | change source]

Porter County is a swing county, although it voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

Lake County[change | change source]

Lake County is overall quite liberal.

Population disparity[change | change source]

Lake County makes up over 60% of the population of Northwest Indiana, though taking up approximately 25% of Northwest Indiana's land.