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Nouman Ali Khan

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Nouman Ali Khan
Born (1978-05-04) May 4, 1978 (age 46)
Known forArabic[disambiguation needed] and Quranic Studies
YouTube information
Years activeFeb 20, 2009 - present
Subscribers1.19 million[1]
Total views131.6 million[1]
Associated actsMuslim Speakers

Last updated: 12 September 2021.
Founder ofBayyinah Institute

Nouman Ali Khan is an American Muslim speaker and author of Pakistani descent.[2] He is founder and CEO of The Bayyinah Institute for Arabic and Quranic Studies[3] and Chief Adviser.[4] The fifth edition of The Five Hundred Most Influential Muslims, a biographical dictionary of Islamic personalities, lists Noman Ali Khan as one of the most influential Muslims in the world without any ranking.[5][6]

Early life[change | change source]

Khan was born 4 May 1978, in Germany to a Pakistani family and spent his preschool years in the former East Berlin. His father then worked for the Pakistan Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where Khan attended the Pakistan Embassy school from grades 2 to 8. His father moved the family to New York when Khan was in his teens.[7]

Career[change | change source]

His serious training in Arabic began in the United States in 1999 under Dr. Abdus-Samie, founder and formal principal of Quran College, Faisaland, Paskistan. Under Dr. Abdus-Samie, Nouman developed a keen methodical understanding of Arabic grammar. He further benefited from Dr. Abdus-Samie by internalizing his unique teaching methods and later translating his work into English for the benefit of his own students. Then Nouman served as a professor below a assistant professor at Nassau Community College and has taught Modern Standard and Classical Arabic at various venues. After serving as an instructor (a college teacher ranking below assistant professor) in Nassau Community College he founded Bayyinah Institute.[8] After founding Bayyinah Institute he became the author of Divine Speech: Exploring Quran As Literature and Revive Your Heart: Putting Life in Perspective[9]

Publications[change | change source]

Publications By Nouman Ali Khan
Title Description Date Language
Divine Speech: Exploring Quran As Literature Bayyinah Publishing in 2016 2016 English
Revive Your Heart: Putting Life in Perspective Kube Publishing ISBN 978-0986275043 2017 English
Bondhon Guardian Publication; 1st edition ASIN: B07KV37PVR 2010 Bengali
Arabic With Husna Multiple Volumes ISBN 978-0986275043 2016 English
Dirilt Kalbini Timaş Yayınları (2017) ISBN 978-6050825992 2017 Turkish
Revive Your Heart (2018 Edition) Published by Manzania 2018 Malay
Revive Your Heart Guardian Publication 2019 Bengali
Revive Your Heart Bayyinah publishing 2020 2020 Croatian

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