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Nu could mean:

  • Nu, a letter in the Greek alphabet: lowercase ν, uppercase Ν
  • Nu (kana), the Japanese characters ぬ and ヌ
  • NU (sound project)
  • Nu (mythology), the male form of the Egyptian goddess Naunet
  • Nu (Chrono Trigger), a fictional species from the video game Chrono Trigger
  • .nu, the Internet top-level domain for Niue
  • Nu people, a Chinese ethnic group
  • Nu river or Salween River
  • U Nu or Mr. Nu, a former Burmese prime minister
  • Nǀu language, a moribund Tuu (Khoisan) language spoken by the Nǁnǂe people in South Africa
  • Nu Gundam, in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
  • "Nu"? is a Yiddish word meaning "so?" now also absorbed into English meaning "so, what's happening?" or "so, what do you say?"

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