Nude beach

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A nude beach.
Sign in france, for a beach were people are required to be nude.

A nude beach is a beach where people can swim (or do other activitiers) without having clothes on. These beaches usully come in different varietires:

  • Beaches thatrequire people to be nude, if the weather permits it. People that are not nude, will not be tolerated. Usually, these beaches are part of a holiday resort, or a club.
  • Beaches where people have the choice of going nude, or partly clothed. In Europe, this will apply to most beaches which are part of a commune, which designated the beach as a nude beach.

Young children running around naked are often tolerated, on most beaches in Europe.This applies to children aged to about 5 years old.

In many parts of Europe, nudity on the beach is often at least tolerated. The beaches where it is forbidden, and the ban is enacted are rare.

Situation in the United States[change | change source]

For example, there is a public nude beach called Haulover Beach near Miami, Florida. There is a public nude park usually called Hippie Hollow Park (but officially called McGregor Park) on a lake near Austin, Texas. There is an admission charge and children are not allowed. There are several nude beaches in California. People are nude at one end of a public nude beach called Crystal Crescent Beach near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.[1] There is a public nude beach called Hanlan's Point Beach on an island near downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There is a public nude beach called Wreck Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. There is a public nude beach close to New York City called Gunnison in Sandy Hook, New Jersey.

There are many nude beaches in Europe and Australia

References[change | change source]

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