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Different types of nunchaku.

Nunchaku is a weapon made up of two sticks connected by a short chain or rope.[1] The two sections are mostly made out of wood and the middle part that links them is cord or metal chain. It is mostly used in martial arts. It is a traditional Japanese weapon originally developed in Okinawa. The Nunchaku consists of two sticks linked together by a short chain or rope. In more modern times, the nunchaku was popularized by the martial arts icon Bruce Lee. It is widely used in karate and the Okinawan kobudō martial arts. Nunchaku is considered a great training weapon that develops quicker movements and improves posture.

The term nunchaku is from the Japanese Ryukyuan languages. The word itself was derived from a short Southeast Asian agricultural tool used for threshing rice or soybeans.

Today, the usage of the Nunchaku as a weapon is utilized in many different styles of martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, aikido, and even Eskrima, a Filipino martial arts discipline.

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