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Nur Jahan

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Nur Jahan

Begum Nur Jahan (also Noor Jahan, Nur Jehan, Nor Jahan, etc.) (1577–1645), also known as Mehr-un-Nisaa Khanam, was a Mughal Empress and the 20th wife of the Emperor Jahangir. She was also an aunt of the later Empress Mumtaz Mahal.

She is buried in Shah Dara, near Lahore, Pakistan.

With Nur Jahan's help, her father and brother became the chief advisers to the emperor, and soon the three of them were in practice running the empire. Eventually, Nur Jahan signed the laws, her name appeared on the coins, and she was in effect the empress. She did great charitable works, but her extravagances at court greatly strained the royal treasury.