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O2, O-2, o2, O2, or O2 may refer to:

Science and technology[change | change source]

  • O2, the common allotrope of the chemical element oxygen
  • O2, an EEG electrode site according to the 10–20 system
  • SGI O2, a Unix workstation computer
  • UOC O2, institutional repository of the Open University of Catalonia

Places[change | change source]

Arts, entertainment, and media[change | change source]

Music[change | change source]

Albums[change | change source]

Songs[change | change source]

  • "O2", a song by Orange Range from Panic Fancy
  • "O2", a 2002 song by Sleater-Kinney from One Beat

Other arts, entertainment, and media[change | change source]

Businesses and organisations[change | change source]

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Other uses[change | change source]