Occupational burnout

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Occupational burnout
Other namesBurn-out
A person who feels burned out
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Occupational burnout is a chronic condition that occurs in people who experience a lot of stress at work, and who do not have a chance to recover from that stress. Very often, people have the feeling that they are unable to meet the expectations of their employer. Their condition often occurs together with other conditions, such as a clinical depression.

Symptoms[change | change source]

People with this conditions often have the following symptoms:

  • They feel exhausted, or tired. Very often, they also lack incentive (to do something), and they are easy to anger
  • To some extent, they stop caring about their job.
  • Despite the fact that they try very hard, people have the feeling that they are unable to achieve much. Being successful in the job is good for motivation, not having success isn't.