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OceanHero is a search engine focused on collecting plastics, mostly bottle waste in the oceans.[1][2][3] It has been certified by the United Nations (UN) Head of Marine and Freshwater Branch.[3]

OceanHero follows the model of a similar search engine, Ecosia, which finances tree planting. It earns revenue like most other search engines by displaying ads on search results. The revenue generated from ads are then used to finance collecting plastic bottles from oceans located in Southeast Asia.[4] It can also be installed as a Chrome extension.[5]

OceanHero uses a "shell" system for their searches. Users earn 20 shells from each search. For opening a tab, users earn 10 shells. Similarly, different colored shells occasionally pop up on the search engine, asking questions where users can earn shells. Earning 100 shells is the equivalent of financing the recovery of 1 plastic bottle. Every recovered bottle is shown on a bottle counter.

They have developed a unique approach where low-income individuals are involved in the process of collecting plastic from local seas. These individuals receive financial support from the revenue generated through ads on search results. This innovative model allows them to contribute to the removal of plastic waste while also providing them with an income.

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