Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine

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Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine
TypeVideo game magazine
Owner(s)Jim Louderback
PublisherZiff Davis Media
FoundedDecember 1997
Ceased publicationJanuary 2007
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California

Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine (OPM) was a monthly video game magazine. It was published by Ziff Davis Media. It was a sister publication of Electronic Gaming Monthly. The magazine talked about anything that dealt with the PlayStation.

Topics included its hardware, software, and culture. It covered new video game releases and critics gave reviews on games available on PlayStation One, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.

The magazine was known for its free demos it included in each issue. The demos were upcoming or new video games that might be interesting to buy by the player. The magazine was produced for almost ten years. The first issue was the September 1997 issue and the final issue was released on January 2007.

In December 2007, one month after the magazine was discontinued, the PlayStation: The Official Magazine (PSM), replaced OPM as the official magazine focusing on Sony game consoles.

Staff[change | change source]

In the last issue of OPM staff included:

  • Editor-in-chief – Tom Byron
  • Managing editor – Dana Jongewaard
  • Senior editor – Joe Rybicki
  • Previews editor – Thierry "Scooter" Nguyen
  • News editor – Giancarlo Varanini
  • Art director – Ryan Vulk
  • Associate art director – Alejandro Chavetta
  • Disc editor – Logan Parr
  • Editorial director – John Davison

Past members included:

  • Managing editor – Gary Steinman
  • Managing editor – Din Perez
  • Managing editor – Dan Peluso
  • Reviews editor – Chris Baker
  • Associate editor – Mark MacDonald
  • Editor-in-chief – Wataru Maruyama
  • Editor-in-chief – Kraig Kujawa
  • Editor-in-chief – John Davison
  • Pwnageness - Waffle

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