Ole Thestrup

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Thestrup in January 2016

Ole Svane Thestrup (12 March 1948 – 2 February 2018) was a Danish actor. He appeared in many Danish movies, mainly by those directed by Anders Thomas Jensen.[1] He had a recurring role in the political drama series Borgen. He was born in Nibe, Denmark.

Thestrup's early television roles included the comedy series Een stor familie (1982–1983) and the 1986 Christmas calendar show Jul på Slottet. He retired in April 2017.

Suffering from alcoholism, Thestrup was arrested and later imprisoned in Canada for boarding a plane drunk.[2]

Thestrup died on 2 February 2018, in his home in Tuse Næs, Denmark from lung cancer at the age of 69.[3]

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