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Shown is a branched oligosaccharide made of three sugars

An oligosaccharide is a polymer of a few different simple sugars. Oligosacchardides are carbohydrates. When they are hydrolized, oligosaccharides give 2 to 9 monosaccharides.

oligosacharides arre formed when 2 to 9 monosaccharide units combine with each other by the loss of water molecules,resulting in the formation of glycosidic linkage Conversly hydrolysis of an oligosaccharide in water in the presence of an acid or enzyme yields 2 to 9 monosaccharide units. Those oligosaccharides which consist of two monosaccharides units are called as disaccharide... Those oligosaccharides containing 3 monosaccharides units are called as Trisaccharides E.G Raffinose (C18 H32 O16)