Olive Lembe di Sita

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Olive lembe di sita

First lady
Olive lembe
Olive Lembe Kabila (cropped).jpg
Olive lembe di sita

29 July 1976
Kailo, Maniema
OccupationFirst lady (17 June 2006 to 24 January 2019)
Years active17 June 2006
PredecessorSifa mahanya
SuccessorDenise nyakeru tchisekedi
Political partyPPRD
Partner(s)Joseph kabila kabange (m.2006)
Children2 childrens , Sifa kabila(2000), Laurent desire kabila Jr (2008)
  • Barnabe sita kinsumbu (father)
  • Leonie kasembe okomba (mother)

Marie Olive lembe di sita (born on 29 July 1976) at kailo Maniema province in the Congo (Kinshasa) she is the spouse of Joseph Kabila the old president of Democratic Republic of the Congo and she has been the first lady of the country during 14 years since 17 June 2006 to 24 January 2019 Succeced by Denise Nyakéru Tchisekedi. and she is the president of the olive lembe kabila initiative plus.(OLK).[1][2][3][4]

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