Omaha people

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The Omaha are a Native American tribe They live in eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.

The Omaha tribe first lived near the Ohio and Wabash rivers. At some time, the tribe split into two parts, the Quapaw and Omaha tribe. The Omaha settled on the Missouri River. The Quapaw tribe settled in the area that is Arkansas today. The Omaha tribe were first discovered by a French cartographer Guillaume Delisle in 1718. He called them "The Maha, a wandering nation. " Delisle found them near the northern part of the Missouri river.

The first fur traders who discovered the Omaha joined the tribe by marriage. In the 1700s. the Omaha tribe was thriving. They were good at farming and hunting. The tribe usually hunted buffalo. They used all the animal parts as many tribes did. Because the number of buffalo in the area became smaller, the Omaha tribe signed a treaty on March 16, 1854.