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One Step Closer

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"One Step Closer"
Song by Linkin Park
from the album Hybrid Theory
  • "My December"
  • "High Voltage"
ReleasedAugust 25, 2000
StudioNRG Studios
GenreNu metal[1][2]
LabelWarner Bros.
Songwriter(s)Linkin Park
Producer(s)Don Gilmore
Linkin Park singles chronology
"One Step Closer"

"One Step Closer" is a song by American rock band Linkin Park. It was released as the first single and second track off the band's first album, Hybrid Theory.

Tracks[change | change source]

All songs are written by Linkin Park except for "High Voltage", which is written by Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson and Joe Hahn; and "My December", which is also written by Shinoda.

  1. One Step Closer
  2. My December
  3. High Voltage
  4. One Step Closer (Video)

US promo:

  1. One Step Closer (Album Version)
  2. One Step Closer (Rock Mix)

10" vinyl:

  1. "One Step Closer"
  2. "My December"

Music video[change | change source]

The video starts out with a group of teenage friends hanging out around a dark alley. Two of them follow a strange man wearing a black hooded robe into a door which leads them to an underground room where the band is playing. Strange figures are around doing martial-arts moves. Midway through the song, they knock over a box, and run away when the martial arts people notice them. Towards the end of the song, lead singer Chester Bennington is upside-down.

Joe Hahn, the band's DJ, made the story of the video. Since bassist Dave Farrell has not returned to the band yet, Scott Koziol plays the bass. Gregory Dark directed the video.

Live shows[change | change source]

"One Step Closer" is the ending song the band's concerts until 2007, where the song was always performed first. In 2008, the band's concerts ended with either the song or "Bleed It Out". From 2003 to 2007, the performances of the song has the verse of Jonathan Davis from his remix of the song in Reanimation. In their recent concert tour, A Thousand Suns World Tour, the song is either the final song of the concert or the final song of the main set.

Charts[change | change source]

Chart Peak
Billboard Hot 100 75
Billboard Hot 100 Airplay 68
Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks 4
Billboard Modern Rock Tracks 5
Australian Singles Chart 4
Austrian Singles Chart 38
Germany Singles Chart 32
Italian Singles Chart 46
Dutch Singles Chart 57
Swedish Singles Chart 46
Swiss Singles Chart 42
UK Singles Chart 24

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