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OpenOffice Impress

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Apache OpenOffice Impress
StarDivision (1984–1999)
Sun Microsystems (1999–2010)
Oracle Corporation (2010–2011)
Apache OpenOffice
Apache Software Foundation (2011—)
Stable release
3.4 / August 24, 2012; 11 years ago (2012-08-24)
Operating systemLinux
LicenseLGPL version 3[1] (OpenOffice.org 2 Beta 2 and earlier are dual-licensed under the SISSL and LGPL)[2]
Apache License 2.0 (Apache OpenOffice 3.4 and later)[3]

OpenOffice Impress, a part of the OpenOffice office suite package and created by Sun Microsystems, is a presentation program similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.[4][5] In addition to being able to create PDF files from presentations, it is also able to export presentations to SWF files, allowing it to be played on any computer with a Flash player installed. It is able to view, edit and save files in many file formats, including the .ppt format, which is used by Microsoft PowerPoint. Impress is distributed (spread) under an open source licence so people can download it as free software. It released under the terms of the Apache License. [6]

OpenOffice Impress users can install the Open Clip Art Library, which adds a large amount of images for general presentation and drawing projects. Linux distributions Debian, Gentoo, Mandriva and Ubuntu have given the ready-to-use openclipart package for download and install from their online software repositories.

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