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Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel is the first unit group formed from the South Korean pop group After School. This unit was formed with the 3 members: Nana, Raina and Lizzy.

Concept[change | change source]

The style of Orange Caramel is Candy Culture which means to be cute, lively and fancy, but pure and sensitive. Their target is Asian market, so they got also Chinese name which is DeungJaChoDang(橙子焦糖).[1]
They made two trends in Korean pop music. One is a unit group trend. After Orange Caramel was made, many unit groups were made, for example, Girls' Generation-TTS from Girls' Generation, Rainbow Pixie from Rainbow, Sistar19 from Sistar. Also the other is '선병맛 후중독' trend which means when you sees their show, it is hard to understand, but gradually and unconsciously you are addicted to it.

History[change | change source]

Orange Caramel have released totally 11 albums.[2] However, they mainly have done music activities with 6 songs (Magic Girl, A~ing♡, Bangkok City, Shanghai Romance, Lipstick, Catallena). Orange Caramel released its first album "Magic Girl" on June 21, 2010. Althought the concept of their original group, Afterschool, is sexy and strong, that of Orange Caramel were different. Their stage is very shocking to K-pop. At the same year, they released the second miuni album "A~ying♡". The song also had big effect on K-pop and its lyrics were controversial because the lyrics is so strange that it is hard to listen it.
In 2011, they released the first single album "Bangkok City" for the global "One Asia project", and another album "Sanghai Romace" for the "Sanghai Project". These songs also succeeded in Korea music market.
Orange Caramel released its first full-length album "lipstick" On September 12, 2012.
They released the third single album "Catallena" On march 13, 2014.

Dress code[change | change source]

Orange Caramel's songs and dances have been very shocking, and additionally their dress codes also have been major concerns. However, many said that their dress codes have been accordance with their songs.
On Magic Girl stage, they wore orange dresses and looked like fantasy magic girls. It was said that the color of the dresses were harmonized with the lively song.[3] On their second music activity, A~ying♡, they dressed like a pricess.[4] On the stage of Bangkok City, they wore club-style tight clothes, so their clothes were controversial because it was too sexually suggestive.[5] In Sanghai Romance, as it is easy to imagine, they wore chinese style clothes. In Lipstick and Catallena, they were expected to wear unique clothes and as expected, they wore shocking sytle clothes.

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