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Order of Queen Maria Luisa

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Order of Noble Ladies of Queen Maria Luisa

Badge of the Order
Sash o the Order, belonging tae the Empress Maria Alexandrovna of Russia
Award of Spain
Type Order o knighthood for women
Royal house Bourbons of Spain
Sovereign Keeng Felipe VI
Grand Mistress Queen Letizia (de facto)
Grades (w/ post-nominals) Dame-Grand Cross
Established April 21 1792 De facto extinct
Established 1792; 232 years ago (1792)
First induction Queen Maria Luisa
Last induction Queen Sofía of Spain
Next (higher) Order of Carlos III
Next (lower) Order of Isabel the Catholic

The Order of Queen Maria Luisa or "Royal Order of Noble Ladies of Queen Maria Luisa" was an Order created by King King Carlos IV of Spain by ryal decree in Aprile 21 1792, at the request of his dominating wife, Queen Maria Luisa, to reward noble women who distinguished themselves for their services and talents. As such, it was established as an honour reserved only for women. The "Grand Mistress" of the order was the wife and thus the queen consort of Spain. The "Grand Mistress" would decide which woman would become a member of the order. It is one of about four orders reserved for women. Others include the Order of Saint Elizabeth (Bavaria) as well as the Order of Saint Catherine (Russia) and the Order of the Starry Cross (Holy Roman Empire).