Order of the Defender of the Realm

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Order of the Defender of the Realm
Medal of the Order of the Defender of the Realm
Awarded by

The Sovereign of Malaysia
Type State Order
Ribbon Blue with a white-edged red central stripe and yellow edges.
Motto 'Dipeliharakan Allah - Pangkuan Negara' (By the Grace of God - Defender of the Realm)
Eligibility Grand Commander:
Former Prime Ministers, State Governors (Yang di-Pertua Negeri)
Civil servants
Awarded for Meritorious service to the country
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign Yang di-Pertuan Agong
Grades (w/ post-nominals) Grand Commander / Commander / Companion / Officer / Member / Medallist
Post-nominals S.M.N. / P.M.N. / J.M.N. / K.M.N. / A.M.N. / P.P.N.
Established 9 August 1958
First induction 1958[1]
Last induction 2021
Total inductees 44 Grand Commanders
147 Commanders
1,369 Companions
10,726 Officers
24,074 Members
34,147 Medallists
50 Honorary Grand Commanders
102 Honorary Commanders
199 Honorary Companions
181 Honorary Officers
265 Honorary Members
207 Honorary Medallists
Next (higher) Order of the Crown of the Realm[2]
Next (lower) Order of Loyalty to the Crown of Malaysia[2]
Ribbon of the Order

The Order of the Defender of the Realm (Malay: Darjah Yang Mulia Pangkuan Negara) is a Malaysian federal award given for people providing great service to the country. The motto of the order is "Dipeliharakan Allah-Pangkuan Negara" (Thanks to God the Defender of the Kingdom).

The order was first distributed on August 6, 1958. It had five ranks. The medal was added on August 19, 1960.

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