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The Orne (61) is a department in France. It is in the Normandy region. Its prefecture is Alençon and its sub-prefectures are Argentan and Mortagne-au-Perche. The department's name comes from the river Orne which flows through it.

Map of the Orne department

History[change | change source]

The Orne was one of the original 83 departments created in 1790.

Geography[change | change source]

Forêt des Andaines (Andaines Forest)

The department borders several other departments:

There is also a 105,000 ha forest called forêt des Andaines (Andaines Forest).

Culture[change | change source]


The Orne is famous for its:

It is also known to be famous for its trotting horses.

Monuments[change | change source]

Carrouges' Château

(A château is a castle in French)

  • Château of Sassy
  • Château médiéval de Domfront
  • Château of Couterne
  • Château of La Ferté-Fresnel at La Ferté-Frênel
  • Château of Carrouges