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Marcus Salvius Otho

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Emperor of the Roman Empire
Roman coin showing Otho
Reign15 January 69 – 16 April 69
Born(32-04-28)28 April 32
Ferentium, Italy
Died16 April 69(69-04-16) (aged 36)
Full name
Marcus Salvius Otho
(from birth to accession); Marcus Salvius Otho Caesar Augustus (as emperor,
sometimes also Marcus Salvius Otho Nero Caesar Augustus)
FatherLucius Otho
MotherTerentia Albia

Marcus Salvius Otho (Marcus Salvius Otho Caesar Augustus, 28 April 32 –16 April 69 ) was a Roman military commander who became Roman Emperor in 69 CE.[1] He led a coup against the Emperor Galba, but was defeated in a battle by Vitellius only eight weeks later. He took his own life after the battle. The year 69 was known as the Year of the Four Emperors.

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