Otto I the Illustrious

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Otto the Illustrious

Otto I of Saxony and Otto the Illustrious (ca. 841 – 30 November 912) was a German Saxon noble. He was Duke of Saxony. He was the father of Henry I the Fowlers and grandfather of Otto I the Great. He was also father-in-law of Zwentibold, Carolingian King of Lotharingia.

Otto was born between 830 and 841, and was one of the sons of Liudolf, Duke of Saxony, and Gisela, the daughter of Everhart Friuli and Geslea of Franks. Otto's uncle was Berengar I of Italy. His paternal ancestor was an old chief of Saxony.

Otto was a powerful noble of Saxony and Eastern Germany for a long time. His sister Liutgard was married to King Louis the Younger. Around the 890s, his daughter Oda married Zwentibold, King of Lotharingia.

In 911, the East Frankish King Louis the Child died without any children. German nobles said that Otto should be crowned as king, but he declined (said no) because of his old age (he was around 70 at that point). He instead recommended Conrad to Franken, his powerful political rival. In 918, his son Henry I the Fowler was appointed as King.