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Dismissal (cricket)

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In cricket, a batter has to leave the field until the end of their team's batting turn if they are "dismissed" in certain ways. The batter is then said to be "out", and the ball becomes dead, meaning that no more points can be scored until the next delivery.[1][2] A team which does not have any players left to bat can not continue its batting turn, and is said to be "all out".[3]

The main types of dismissals are:

  • The batter hits the ball in the air, and a player from the other team catches the ball before it touches the ground.
  • The ball hits the wicket in the batsman's ground, either when bowled (thrown) to the batter for him to hit it, or when the batter is not in his ground.
    • A batsman can't use his body to stop the ball from hitting the wicket. If he does this when the ball is thrown to him by the bowler, he can be out "Leg Before Wicket". Otherwise, it can be out "Obstructing the field".

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