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The Philippine music industry (P-Idols, Pinoy pop idol, Pinoy idols, Filipino idol) has been witnessing the emergence of two waves of idols. The P-pop idols may be a member of a band, but mostly single operation, as well as strongly affected culture from Korea, Taiwan, China and Japan.

SB19 performing "Alab (Burning)" at 6th Wish 107.5 Music Awards in Smart Araneta Coliseum on January 17, 2021

History[change | change source]

During the 2000s and 2010s, the genres of C-pop , K-pop and J-pop began to spread to Western countries. K-pop spread to Southeast Asia and created a huge influence on the Filipino entertainment industry.

P-pop groups imitate many characteristics of K-pop and C-pop to become famous, including: fashion style, choreography, music arrangement, etc. However, overseas music sales are not growing as quickly as expected. K-pop trending groups include: BINI, BGYO, SB19 and 1st.One

In addition, the Japanese group AKB48 brand once decided to expand its reach to Philippines in 2018 and released the group MNL48

P-pop Idols[change | change source]

2018 - present[change | change source]

1st Generation[change | change source]

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