Sprout (TV channel)

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Typechildren's television channel
OwnerComcast, HiT Entertainment, 9 Story Media Group, Brown Bag Films, Sesame Workshop, & PBS
Key people
Sandy Wax (President)
Launch date
Former names
PBS Kids Sprout (2005-2013)
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Sprout (formerly PBS Kids Sprout) was an American children’s television channel launched on September 26, 2005. in 2017, Sprout was replaced by Universal Kids after the acquisition of NBCUniversal in 2013.

Sprout Presenters[change | change source]

  • Carly (Sunny Side Up Show)
  • Nina (Goodnight Show)
  • Star (Goodnight Show)
  • Chica (Sunny Side Up Show)
  • Kelly (Sunny Side Up Show)
  • Kevin (Sunny Side Up Show)
  • Dennisha (Sunny Side Up Show)
  • Sean (Sunny Side Up Show)
  • Liz (Sunny Side Up Show)
  • Tim (Sunny Side Up Show)
  • Forrest (Sunny Side Up Show)
  • Emily (Sunny Side Up Show)
  • Patty Pig (Sharing Show)
  • Ricky Rabbit (Sharing Show)
  • Curtis Owl (Sharing Show)
  • Miles (Let’s Go Show)
  • Banjo (Let’s Go Show)

Shows On Sprout[change | change source]

Original Sprout Programming Blocks[change | change source]

Sprout had several original shows that aired throughout the day with puppets and live action hosts who would present which show was coming up next. Each program also had an audience interactive component to it, where viewers could send in submissions to be featured in each show.

The Sunny Side Up Show

The Goodnight Show

The Sharing Show

The Let’s Go Show