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PROSOCO is a national manufacturer of special construction chemical products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining concrete.[1][2] It was created in 1937. PROSOCO's production and warehouse building, and corporate headquarters are in Lawrence, Kansas; construction on that building started in 1998.[3][4]

The company has 100-250 employees.[5]

PROSOCO was created in 1937. It was first called the Process Solvent Company. It was first a company in Kansas City that made special cleaning products and engine products for the car and railroad industries. Because the construction industry grew in the 1950s, Process Solvent Company starting making construction and building maintenance products. In 1967, the Process Solvent Company filed to trademark "PSC", which made it shorter to call the company.[6]

PROSOCO has been involved with some famous buildings including the United States Capitol Building.[7]

In 2015, the company received an award Building Green's top-10 products.[8]

PROSOCO has 4 brands: R-Guard, Sure Klean, Consolideck and Anchoring Systems.


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