Pacific Coast Ranges

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Pacific Coast Ranges
Canadian Coast Range, Whistler, British Columbia
Highest point
PeakMount Logan
Elevation5,959 m (19,551 ft)
Length3,800 mi (6,100 km)
CountriesUnited States, Canada and Mexico
Parent rangeNorth American Cordillera
Malibu Canyon, Santa Monica Mountains

The Pacific Coast Ranges are officially called the Pacific Mountain System in the United States.[1][2] However, most people say "Pacific Coast Ranges."

They are the mountain ranges that stretches along the West Coast of North America from Alaska south to Central Mexico.

The Pacific Coast Ranges are part of the North American Cordillera. The coastal ranges include the mountains and basins down the Pacific coast from Canada to Mexico. That does not include the Rocky Mountains or their basins: they are part of the North American Cordillera.

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