Paintings of Scottish Monarchs

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This list includes colour paintings of Scottish monarchs: The first paintings of Scottish monarchs start with James I. Althought b+w portraits and depictions have been painted long before James I.

James I (1406-1437)[change | change source]

James II (1437-1460)[change | change source]

James III (1460-1488)[change | change source]

James IV (1488-1513)[change | change source]

James V (1513-1542)[change | change source]

Mary I (1542-1567) (paintings up to her execution)[change | change source]

James VI (1567-1603) (1603-1625)[change | change source]

Later Monarchs[change | change source]

Paintings of Scottish monarchs end here but for monarchs of Scotland and England see Paintings of British Monarchs.