Pairi Daiza

Coordinates: 50°35′5″N 3°53′14″E / 50.58472°N 3.88722°E / 50.58472; 3.88722
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Pairi Daiza (before Paradisio)
View of the park
Date opened1993
LocationHainaut, Belgium
Land area55 hectares (140 acres)
Coordinates50°35′5″N 3°53′14″E / 50.58472°N 3.88722°E / 50.58472; 3.88722
No. of animals5,000
Annual visitors900,000 (2009)
MembershipsEAZA, ISIS

Pairi Daiza (before Paradisio) is a private-owned property that has 55 hectares. It is a zoo and a botanical garden open to the public in Hainaut, Belgium. It has more than 55 acres. In this zoo there are approximately 5,000 animals.[1] Pairi Daiza is owned by Pairi Daiza Belgium SA.

The parks has many different animal species. It also has many different activities and attractions for children.

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