Pak Hon-yong

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Park Hon-Yong

Pak Hon-yong or Park Heon-young (Hangul: 박헌영, Hanja:朴憲永, 28 May 1900 – 18 December 1955) was a Korean independence activist, politician, thinker, Communist, and leader of the Korean Chosen Communist Party. His other names are 'Kim Seongsam' (김성삼) and "Ijeong", (Hangul: 이정; Hanja: 而丁) which is his pen name. He served in North Korea as the Foreign Minister and Vice Prime Minister, August 1948 to 1953.

He was executed by the North Korean regime on the accusation of being an American spy.

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  • Modern society and our duty
  • historical viewed of Christian inner