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Pakistani Taliban

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Flag of The Flag of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan

The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (commonly called TTP) are a militant Islamist group in Pakistan. Like the Taliban in Afghanistan they are mostly Pashtun. They have done a number of attacks all over Pakistan.[1] The United States has classified them as a terrorist organisation. While they have a common name with the Taliban in Afghanistan, their ideas are different.[2] They also have a different leadership and their goals are different from those of the Afghan Taliban.[3]

The TTP want the Pakistani army to withdraw from Waziristan, which it occupied in 2009.

Differences between Afghan Taliban and the TTP[change | change source]

Many experts think that the common name "Taliban" for both groups is misleading.[3] Fights between the Pakistani army and the TTP have erroneously been reported as the army fighting the Afghan Taliban.[3]

The TTP acts on its own, fighting the Pakistani armed forces; Pakistan supported the Afghan Taliban in the past.[4][5][6]

The Afghan Taliban also do not take part in the fight of the TTP against the Pakistani military.[7]

The Pakistani Taliban has also been supported by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria according to a United Nations report from 2017.[8]

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