Palembang language

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Baso Palembang
Native toIndonesia
RegionSouth Sumatra
Native speakers
3.1 million (2000 census)[2]
Standard forms
Standard Palembang
  • Coastal Palembang
  • Lawas Palembang
SourcesLanguage and Literature Diversity Laboratory of Republic Indonesia[3][4]
Official status
Official language in
South Sumatra[5] (co-official)
Regulated byLanguage Development and Fostering Agency[5]
Language codes
ISO 639-2plm
ISO 639-3plm
16.71.00 SumatraSelatan Palembang.svg
Coordinates: 2°59′30″S 104°45′49″E / 2.991732°S 104.763473°E / -2.991732; 104.763473
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Book cover of The Spelling Guidelines for Palembang Language, issued by South Sumatra Linguistic Center in 2007[4]

The Palembangnese also known as Palembang Malay (Baso Palembang) or Musi is an Austronesian language spoken by Palembang Malay in South Sumatra, Indonesia.

It has two separate but mutually intelligible dialect chains: Sari-sari and Jegho.[2] It has become a lingua franca throughout major population centers in the province, and is often used polyglossically with Indonesian and other regional languages and dialects in the area.[6]

Palembang language is a form of mixed language between the Malay and Javanese. Since parts of South Sumatra used to be under direct Javanese rule for quite a long time, the speech varieties of Palembang and its surrounding area are influenced by the Javanese down to their core vocabularies.[7]

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Notes[change | change source]

  1. used during the Palembang Sultanate era