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Pandeism is the belief that a higher being like a God made the Universe, but made it by becoming it. People who follow Pandeism are called Pandeists. After making the Universe, God and the Universe are equivalent (the same thing.) Because God is now the Universe, it can not do things in the Universe. Pandeists believe that people who want to know about God should rely on logic and reason and not traditions of their religion. Pandeists believe that everything that exists is a part of God or that God is a part of everything that exists. The name Pandeism comes from the words Deism (a kind of belief in God) and pan (all). 

Pandeists believe that a higher power became the world. They do not believe that the creation of the Universe happened because of a spontaneous event. They reject supernatural events like miracles and believe that God has become the natural laws as well, and does not need to interfere with them. Pandeists also see holy books, such as the Bible and Qur'an, as writings made by people rather than the writings of God. Pandeists believe that people are part of God too, and so some people think they see or hear God, when they are really only seeing or hearing the part of God that is in them.