Panglao Island

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Panglao Island
Alona beach on Panglao Island
Alona beach on Panglao Island
Panglao Island is located in Philippines
Panglao Island
Panglao Island (Philippines)
LocationBohol Sea
Coordinates9°36′N 123°49′E / 9.600°N 123.817°E / 9.600; 123.817Coordinates: 9°36′N 123°49′E / 9.600°N 123.817°E / 9.600; 123.817
Area91.12 km2 (35.18 sq mi)
RegionCentral Visayas
Population68,051 (2010)
Pop. density747/km2 (1935/sq mi)

Panglao is a small island in the north Bohol Sea, in the Central Visayas Region of the Visayas island group, in the south-central Philippines.

The island is an important touristic place because of the beaches found here and the presence of coral reefs near the island.

Geography[change | change source]

The island of Panglao has an area of 91.12 km2 (35.18 sq mi).[1][N 1] The island had a population, as of 2010, of 68,051,[1][N 2] for a population density of 746.8 inhabitants/km2.

The island is in the northern part of the Bohol Sea (or Mindanao Sea), to the southwest of the island of Bohol and to the east of the island of Cebu. Panglao is separated from the Bohol island by a narrow strait, the Tagbilaran Strait, and two bridges connect the island with the city of Tagbilaran.

There are several smaller islands close to Panglao, such as Gak-ang, Pontod, and Balicasag.

Panglao has a terrain that range from plain, hilly to mountainous, composed by a limestone that is soluble and that causes the formation of caves and sinkholes. One interesting geological feature of the island is the Hinagdanan Cave which has an underground water source; because there no rivers or lakes in the island, the cave is an important water source.[2]

Biodiversity[change | change source]

During the works of the Panglao Marine Biodiversity Project, about 250 new species of crustaceans and 1,500-2,500 new species of mollusks were found in the waters of Panglao and Balicasag. The project found that Panglao alone has more marine biodiversity than Japan and the Mediterranean sea.[2][3]

Because of this biodiversity, the island was proposed in 2006 as a World Heritage Site by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines.[2]

Administrative divisions[change | change source]

The island of Panglao is within the Bohol province, and is divided into 2 municipalties and 22 barangays (like neighbourhoods).

Municipality Area
Pop. density
(per km²)
Dauis  43.33  39,448 910 12
Panglao 47.79 28,603 599 10
TOTAL 91.12 68,051 747 22

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Notes[change | change source]

  1. The area of the island was calculated adding the areas of the two municipalities of the island.
  2. The total population of the island was calculated adding the populations of the two municipalities of the island.

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