Paraná River

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Coordinates: 34°0′5″S 58°23′37″W / 34.00139°S 58.39361°W / -34.00139; -58.39361
Paraná River
Rio Paraná, Río Paraná
Paraná River seen from Zárate, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Countries  Argentina,  Brazil,  Paraguay
Region Mesopotamia, Argentina
Primary source Paranaíba River
 - location Rio Paranaíba, Minas Gerais, Brazil
 - elevation 1,148 m (3,766 ft)
 - length 1,070 km (665 mi)
 - coordinates 19°13′21″S 46°10′28″W / 19.22250°S 46.17444°W / -19.22250; -46.17444 [1]
Secondary source Grande River
 - location Bocaina de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil
 - length 1,090 km (677 mi) [2]
 - coordinates 22°9′56″S 44°23′38″W / 22.16556°S 44.39389°W / -22.16556; -44.39389
Source confluence Paranaíba and Grande
 - coordinates 20°5′12″S 51°0′2″W / 20.08667°S 51.00056°W / -20.08667; -51.00056
Mouth Rio de la Plata
 - location Atlantic Ocean, Argentina
 - elevation m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 34°0′5″S 58°23′37″W / 34.00139°S 58.39361°W / -34.00139; -58.39361 [3]
Length 4,880 km (3,032 mi) [2]
Basin 2,582,672 km² (997,175 sq mi)
Discharge for mouth
 - average 17,290 /s (610,600 cu ft/s) [2]
 - max 65,000 /s (2,295,500 cu ft/s)
 - min 2,450 /s (86,500 cu ft/s)
Map of the Rio de la Plata Basin showing the Paraná River and its major tributaries
Map of the Rio de la Plata Basin showing the Paraná River and its major tributaries

The Paraná River is a river in south Central South America. It goes through Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. It is 4,880 kilometres (3,030 mi) long.[2] It is second in length only to the Amazon River among South American rivers. The name Paraná is a shortened form of the phrase "para rehe onáva". It is a Tupi word that means "like the sea".

It starts where the Paranaiba and Grande rivers join in southern Brazil. It joins the Paraguay River and continues south, where it merges with Uruguay River, before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

The surubí and the sábalo are fished on the river.

There are many dams along the river. The Yacyretá and Itaipu are used for hydroelectric power.

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